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Quantum Phisics and Miracles


Plastic reality

Miroslav Nemecek, 7/19/2011

(Provisional English translation 8/5/2011)

Each of us certainly raises the question "What is the meaning of life?", "Why are we here?", "Where are we going?", "Does God exist?". Surprisingly quantum physics outlines the answers to us. Below there are explanations of the most fundamental questions of a life and existence, and instructions why and how actually to live.

First, a brief insight into quantum physics. Take the plate with two slits, which we will bomb with some balls. It is obvious that on the screen located behind the board we will find footprints of balls in 2 lanes. So looks solid particle pass through slits.

Now, instead of the ball's, we will use water surface waves. The waves spread radially from points slits as if the slot itself been a source of waves. Waves from the slits are made in the impact point vibrate with varying intensity. Highlight the intensity of vibration on the screen, we get an interference pattern. We see here a case of waves passing through the slits.

Now let's use particle electron gun as a source and luminescent layer instead of screen (as is common in vacuum-tube screens). We are used to understand electrons as particles, so we would expect the first case, namely that light up 2 vertical stripes. What is surprising, however, when on the screen lights up interference patterns. Which means - the electron has a wave nature. And here appears a paradox. If we fire only 1 electron, we are able to accurately measure which slit it flew through and which place on the screen it landed. Individual electrons will not create interference patterns, but 2 bars. Which means - electron has a material nature.

This discrepancy explains quantum physics by the act of observation affects reality. Measurement of one parameter of a quantum object leads to a change in object state (collapse of wave function), regardless of the method of measurement. Eg. if we measure the speed of a particle, we can not measure its position at the same time and vice versa.

Quantum physics takes influence of reality by act of observation as a fact and takes no attention on it anymore. Which is probably a bug, because it uncovered lid of reality recognition but slammed it quickly again. Possibility of another view arises here. What if our observation does not influence reality, but rather our consciousness focuses on a different spectrum of possible realities? What if reality does not change but we change? If the reality has ability to be spread out in parallel versions, it would be a blunder to assume that our consciousness has not this ability, that our consciousness is unique and sharp.

Measurement of some parameter of an object means to view to the object as to an unique object whose parameters can be accurately quantified. It is not possible to measure the range of parameters through a wider range of realities, so the measurement and observation of the object conceals the fact that each particle is actually the probability ball with a wide range of realities. The figure resulting from measurement or observation is only the most probable value.

Let's look closer to our consciousness. The bearer of thinking are neurons. One of the conjecture says that in neurons leads to discharges which produce microscopic black holes. And black holes are known to be gateway through space and time. The exact description is not important (no one knows how the brain actually works), so rather its function estimate from observations. For example, this view - the thinking process is apparently on the principle of selection. If we want to invent something, our brain generates different variants of the ideas and selects suitable candidates. Eg.: "What will I buy to my mother? Slippers? No, she has already one. A book? No, she see wrong. Chocolates? Yeah, it would be." - it is selection on a conscious level. A similar process takes place even at deeper levels. Selection process selects variants that are worth to submit to a conscious part of the brain ("elephant X table X sea X book OK"). Evaluating a myriad of levels of nesting ("xcdfd X wekjk X mnm X elephant OK").

The most basic element of thought ("invention") is a random generator. Such a generator may be finding position of the electron. As we know from quantum physics, the position of an electron in an atom is unpredictable, given probability. Even it can occur in very unlikely places.

All of it would have to persuade to accept the fact that our consciousness is not tied only to this moment and precisely located area in the brain. As the particles can occur anywhere and anytime, and through impenetrable barriers or exceed the speed of light (though with little probability), so our brain has the ability to stretch our consciousness through space and time. Observation of many extrasensory manifestations proof this - telepathy, intuition, anticipation. Although these symptoms are unrecognized, their existence is undeniable. Let's continue to assume that our consciousness (and mostly unconscious) is really spread out through space and time. As we shall see, all fits to itself very well and illuminate so many previously unclear.

Going back to the essence of reality. As we know, every particle can occur simultaneously everywhere in space due vawe behavior. Speaking on the probability of occurrence is meaningful only in relation to the observer. It is only our perception of reality attributed to different occurrences of particles the probability of occurrence, which can be thought of as waves on water. The waves spread throughout the space and create interference outbreaks. At any time there are also all possible states of the universe, when any particle of the universe can occur at any place and at any condition. Everything is just a matter of probability. Wave probabilities of particles are consisted into probability realities like the interference of waves of water level focus.

The existence of parallel realities is just some random cosmic noise. How is it possible that we see reality as a sequence of events in which everything makes sense and has its own order? Again, it is necessary to turn our gaze. We are not here for a convenient reality for life, but rather the reality exists because of our ability to perceive it. Life could arise only in such a flow of reality, which is convenient for it. If there is an reality appropriated to a life in all possible variants of reality, thus life will arise in such reality and then such conditions arise we can experience this reality. The conditions of life can arise only in such a reality, in which the sequence of events are bound by any laws and regulations. Therefore, in our reality, there must be laws of physics, although in another reality there may be other laws of cause and effect quite different.

For example - goes to the mirror beam of light reflected from it at all possible angles simultaneously. Given that our consciousness is focused on a range of realities in which there are physical laws we know, we observe interference focus of realities which is in our highest probability of observing reality - this means that we see reflected beam at the same angle as the angle of incidence. This law of physics occurs as interaction of highest probabilities of all participating particles. Scattering probability in result is so narrow that it is almost impossible to do otherwise. It is important that the word "almost". By the way, the result is that miracles are not impossible, they are only not probable, it is a difference.

Now connect our consciousness with reality a little deeper. Let's begin from the assumption of our ability to sense stretch through space and time (as we can be seen in telepathy or clairvoyance - existing signs, but with a very low probability of occurrence). Result is the ability to connect all living organisms on the subconscious level, share the lowest level of consciousness, not only freely through space but through time too.

Suppose that there is such a flow of realities, in which life will evolve to ever-higher life forms. Believe that mankind is the highest form of life that ever existed and will exist, would be the highest degree of arrogance. It is very probable to expect the evolution of mankind and other life forms to much higher forms - such as the transition to greater spiritual maturity, freedom from physical need for food intake, freedom from physical form as the bearer of consciousness and finally the highest life form - pure consciousness, formed by association of living organisms. Call this highest developmental level Supreme Consciousness. It is obvious that this highest form has all the qualities attributed existential form called God, but deliberately I do not use this designation to not induce the idea of an omnipotent entity whose will depends our lives on. Just as the consciousness of all living beings have the ability to penetrate the Supreme Consciousness through space and time, and because it does not distinguish between consciousness and subconsciousness, it is currently the deepest subconscious of all life forms at all times and throughout all the space.

The existence of highest life form at the end of time explaining to us, why we exist for, why we develop and why existing laws of physics do not suddenly cease to be valid. We are a necessary intermediate step in the evolution to higher forms. Our subconscious is also the subconscious of all higher life forms, so we see a focus range of realities that lead to their formation. Unlike the commonly known "action causes reaction" in these broader scales reverse rules are valid - consequences influence conditions for their formation. The same is true for life arising. We are not here because the life arose once upon a time with very low probability, but life was created, because here we are. Likewise, we are here because somewhere in the distant future will be higher life forms, for which we are an intermediate developer to them.

Whole we can imagine so that we exist in such flow of realities, which leads from the lowest to the highest forms of life - it's kind of reality fiber stretching whole existence of the universe. We share with them collective subconscious, we are their history, and therefore our consciousness is focused on a range of realities, which leads towards this development.

This idea is confirmed by our numerous allegations and findings known for thousands of years. Even we come to reconcile many seemingly contradictory beliefs:

As an aside, let us think that it is possible to admit the following hypothetical question. If there are simultaneously all possible states of the universe, there is no difference between the states of the universe "before" and "after", time is not important at all for the universe. Time represents only a continuity of states of the universe. So as we numbered "state 12345 passes into 87345 state, followed by 323245 state", while the universe itself does not change. Therefore, neither the universe is not needed, everything is just a succession of different states. So claim that "god Vishnu decided to live out his story" need not be unrealistic. Reality can only be story taking place only virtually. The story demands compliance with certain rules (physical laws) and the intent is to gain knowledge and experience to reach a higher stage of development. Many people can confirm that sees life as a game, story they experience and that we are its part. Only through experience of the happening of the universe will bring the desired development, it can not be speeded up with saying "So be it." But now back again, continue to assume that "reality is real."

The existence of the highest life form is provided by our development forward. Everything that happens happens most correctly so that the highest life form could exist on the end. However, it is important to remember that humanity is not the only life form. If it will be beneficial to the overall development, all mankind may perish. Everything is happening so that it had some significance for the future. Therefore, our demise would be justified in the event that it will be a lesson for other following life forms.

What other lessons this look at our development brings to us? For example, question the meaning of life. People often take themselves as completely separate, independent unit. They see that an individual is born, dies, it affects a few other individuals, people live for other people and then they just die. It gives the impression of missing the meaning of existence. Looking at life as a developmental sequence leading to the highest forms of life, we can understand how it all makes sense. We are not autonomous individuals, but by linking unconscious layers of our consciousness we are part of a much larger whole. The universe can be viewed as a whole living organism that exists simultaneously in all times and spaces, with the highest form of consciousness at the end of time. We are a necessary part of development. At our level of understanding of reality we are not able to understand the existence of all this, why Space organism (or perhaps God) exists. Those who joined with Source on a subconscious level can confirm that sense of presence felt and at the moment of connection he also understood it. Meaning exists but it is on our level of understanding unavailable. Therefore, we need only believe that such meaning exists. We are a necessary part of development - either physically (a biological basis for higher life forms) or psychical (sharing mind, influencing other life forms) and we are responsible to participate in this development. We are only a small cell of the universe organism, a cell but extremely important.

If we accept the fact that our development is heading inevitably to higher life forms, we will understand the laws governing our lives. Everything is subordinated to the development forward. These are mainly 3 pages - 1) biological, selection leads to a gradual improvement of the genetic code, 2) community, each individual affects on the development of other individuals, 3) psychological, each individual through the subconscious part in the development of a shared consciousness of other life forms.

From the biological point of view is the first approximation theory of Darwinian selection. Mutations occur in genetic code of living organisms, in life struggle wins those with most capability of mutations. We must, however, the theory somewhat repair, so get it into line with competing theories of force majeure. Our existence is tied to a very unprobability fiber flow of reality with clear-cut to development. Any coincidence is strongly influenced so that it leads to that goal. Thus, the mutations occurs, the probability of which is almost zero and lead in the development forward. We are talking about long-term development on a global scale, therefore manifestation of the mutation in the unfavorable direction is not important, higher probability of positive mutations is important. Influence of the inevitability of positive development is much higher than Darwin's "stronger wins," and explains the emergence of such "miracles of nature" that are often attributed to the intervention of force majeure.

The social page presents impact of an individual to other life forms. Changing knowledge and attitude to life of society as a whole, that in turn influences members of society. This leads to long-term development of the whole society towards higher life forms. Again, it is an important long-term view. It is more likely to develop forward, while there may be negative development of society or even declines and extinction of entire societies. Despite the negative trends are for long-term developing beneficial as it often represents a positive experience and directing other parts of society. The same effect is the development of individuals. In terms of long-term probability development in forward direction prevails, but negative trends are useful for further development, too. Negative trends are thinking individuals such as dictators (in the long run, both World Wars were very beneficial) or people living out their lives in one accident after another (they are sample examples when directing others in a positive direction).

Even if the effect does not apply to children or the rest of society and individual lives in isolation, his life is very important for overall development. To have an effect on the global development of life occurs at a subconscious level. Our links with the subconscious and other life forms is seemingly weak, but with increasing developmental stage this connection is constantly growing, and the highest form of existence of life is essentially a straight cosmic consciousness. Each individual, therefore, by his development, by his life experiences and attitudes, contributes to the development of the cosmic organism. Its development is part of the overall development as a piece of mosaic. Piece to the puzzle can fit at any stage of development, it is not dependent on time, therefore different individuals are developmentally at different developmental stages. Each individual is indeed a small part of the whole, but part of an important and substantial.

From the speaked, criteria affecting our lives arise. Prevailing probability to develop in a positive direction and therefore there is a preference for everything contributing to this development. If we positively influence our surroundings and live our lives towards greater maturity, our live will be an advantage. This course is not to say who will riot and hurt others, can not live a happy life, this is only the (often much) more probability to benefit.

Quite a lot people believe that the goal is happy and contented life based on the fulfillment of their dreams and desires. They deeply wrong. The aim of life is evolution. We experience many disappointments and misery in our life, hard times and difficulties, all for our spiritual development, which thus gradually we will reach. Therefore, people commonly experience frustration when looking for satisfaction in meeting their physical needs, such as wealth accumulation. It's not incorrect path. It is only slow and painful. Constantly alternating feeling of joy and disappointment, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure. We are for a while in the heights, and then "we fall to the mouth." Thanks to this cycle we are gaining experience and life views, we are evolving.

Have you noticed that everybody gets "from life" just as strong blows, as appropriate to its resilience? The boundary between the pluses and minuses is balanced to ensure maximum success of development. If a person is experiencing a very easy life, comfort and success, can most likely expect the arrival of a negative, because life in this style does not provide sufficient development forward. Negatives can come at the end of his life, but the stronger the wounds can be. Vice versa, too many negatives and failures can lead to passivity, when the man seems all no longer has meaning, sometimes up to collapse. In such cases, grand probability to expect positive changes coming. But it may take years or decades. The intensity of minuses therefore depends on the individual resistance as able to deal with them. Who is strong, may meet with strong blows of fate that other individuals laid.

If we know what expecting from us (the development to forward), we can actively influence our lives and reduce the share of negative impacts. Negatives are required to open our eyes and forced us to change in a positive direction. The most common diseases are the negatives. Illness is a signal that something is expected from us, that we have to do something better, something to learn, move forward. Often, it is a symptom that we are doing something wrong and that "it can not continue like this." The more we will ignore the signals, they will be stronger, illness more serious, until the signal will break us and forcing to do the change. Sometimes even at the price that the lesson will cost us a life. This can be avoided if we care to perceive signals and respond to them. That means - to notice signs of illness and also think about what is wrong, what is this disease signal of.

Another way of reducing the negatives is to learn from foreign examples. If we will sufficiently sensitive to the experience of others, if we will learn from their misfortunes and their signals, then we will not need our own negatives to "give us a kick". First and foremost, we need to evict from the head feelings like "this can not happen to me!" You can quite rely that after this idea a similar event happens to you as well. Feel your surroundings as if it happened to you. It will bring you to move forward without having to experience your own bad luck and misfortune.

The highest level is an active approach to our own advancement. This is not a study of scientific literature or learning to know something. These are only auxiliaries. It is an active own spiritual growth - the observation of life, thinking about it, meditations, study of literature related to spiritual realms. But carefully with the takeover of foreign knowledge. It is wrong to take something like "XXX wrote it this way, so it must be true." Foreign knowledge should be taken as only guides, knowledges must come either from our own experience, intellect or intuition, only then is our development sufficient.

Another positive aspect of our live is a positive attitude towards all living forms, ergo love. Thanks to the connection through the subconscious, we all are actually one being. We are not isolated individuals, existing independently of our environment and other creatures. If we operate on the others, we operate at the Highest Awareness by that and thus, indirectly, for ourselfs. Thus the highest degree of maturity is love for all living things equally, because all livings are one and the same being. Again, the main criterion is a positive development forward. So - if we have a positive impact on our surroundings (to love other people regardless of who they are, help others, not to harm), then it will return to us in a positive direction of our life, because it is a preferred direction.

Conversely, if we hurt others, if we will bad at them or selfish and unscrupulous, we can rely on the fact that we sooner or later will return the negatives so we were forced to change our thinking and attitude for the better. A negative attitude can be seen in some people occupying motto "after me the deluge". They believe that if they ever in a life do not meet with a given person, it is completely indifferent to whether they hurt to him or what he thinks about them. Their affects negatively with their behavior to the development and therefore they can soon expect consequences.

A positive approach to the surroundings has of course also its limits. With too much effort to the positivism we can harass others and act negatively with it. We can prevent them from working out positive developments ahead. Typical examples are spoiled kids whose parents can bring them the moon. A positive approach means therefore to help, but appropriately so that we can rest easier while life and brought happiness and joy, but also allow their positive development forward. Which in other words it means to love, but not to be abused. And final danger is that we must not forget to include ourselves into the beloved beings. Prefer others and forget ourselves would be exactly the same mistake as to favor ourselves and forget the others. All should be taken equally as ourselves and others, it means only positive development forward.

The main criterion of life could be a measure of "maximizing the sum of long-term happiness and joy of all living beings." This means, for example - "this thing makes me a little happy, but another would make much happier." It means not to hurt others, because it gets into the negative region, which must be offset elsewhere. Some children with solace hurt animals (eg cats) - they have no idea what negative consequences it can bring to their life. The consequences are often referred to as karma, and basically it means the same thing - the state balance of negative and positive in our lives. Negative effects we will feel in ourselves, sooner or later (we have all our life for it), and it ensures our development and correcting swing.

Consider the other properties of reality. Although we are all one being and we share the same consciousness, our experiences of reality may not be always exactly the same. It is not important the exact story of our lives, the important thing is what we will take from it, our resulting attitude to life. You might also have noticed that people are more likely to encounter in life with what is close to them and what are their own ideas about their life. For example - someone is sure to have bad luck in the game. And he also constantly going on. If he will draw for many games, he will be more often in minus than plus. The same applies vice versa, the belief of the great luck.

Everything is happening so as to meet the image we feel in our deepest subconscious. It is because our "tip of the subconscious" in the spectrum of realities will drive to deliver the vision of reality that we have in our subconscious, and thus to achieve our optimal development. There is therefore in our lives to the events and experiences that may vary from individual to individual. Each of us is experiencing its version of reality, which is slightly different from the reality of other people. Some specific experiences and events we can experience more often than the others. We are getting a life experience and attitudes, which may vary slightly. Percentage of occurrence can be so different that we are adamantly convinced of our truth ("I have 100% experience with it"), while someone else can be as fully convinced of the opposite truth. Even these variations in opinion are important for development. Target is not to find the truth, the truth is known. It is important due to inconsistencies to come to life attitudes, world view, to determine what is and what is not important. Not facts, but development.

Variability of reality we can use to our advantage. Not only because of the positive approach to life is to get more favorable "positive current of reality", but with active work on our subconscious, we can move in the direction of realities more profitable for us. It should be noted that, as we feel the reality in our deepest subconscious, so we will also experience our reality. If we feel that we do something negative or we just imagine the negative consequences, we will evoke this reality by these feelings. It said many in the folk saying "Do not draw devil on the wall". If we feel afraid of something, we raise ideas of it and we experience such negative situation in advance in spirit. Therefore, the increased likelihood that we have such an event actually happens, we have fulfilled our vision of the subconscious.

An interesting approach is described in the book Journey from Brandon Bays. When diving into the subconscious to search in our repressed memories cause mental strain subconscious, adjust with the event in the spirit and so straighten deformation. Thanks to it to repair the negative view of subconscious to reality and thereby flatten the negative manifestations in our personal reality, thus in the spectrum of realities we will move closer to a variant that is more beneficial for us.

So we can affect the reality to ensure a better course of life to us. If we will keep a positive view to our reality in our subconsciously, if we will believe on success, on our happiness in life, our reality will be so, positive things will become to us. Keep in mind that the natural and physical laws are indeed given, the rules are unchanging, but our mind is what changes the reality, because our mind is based on the Supreme Consciousness, or we are the God who has the power to decide and to change. With active cause on the subconscious becomes reality malleable for us, it is plastic reality for us.

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